Specialty Vehicle Upholstery

Motorcycle Seat Recover / Repair

Foam support on your motorcycle seat not comfortable?  Seat design doesn’t show your personality? We can help! The specialists upholstery team can turn an old uncomfortable seat into better than brand new. Our team will listen to your concerns of seat comfort and ensure that the foam is built up as much or as little as needed. We offer many varieties of materials in all kinds of patterns and colors to help your seat say who you are! Come in today for a free quote!

Marine-Grade Boat Upholstery

Ready to get the boat out on the water, but torn upholstery doesn’t make for the ideal lake scene? Come in and look through the large variety of colors and patterns the Specialists has to offer. Our team has the skills to repair foam, seats, and carpet. Whether you are just repairing or looking for a complete new look for your watercraft, the upholstery team can take care of all your needs under one roof!


Plastic window zippers that are sticky and just won’t close can be a problem. Don’t jump to replace the window, when at The Specialists we can replace your old worn zippers with brand new ones! Our team has the skills to replace the old zippers and have it looking as good as brand new. Don’t get it wrong, if needed we can replace your windows with new plastic too!

Sunroof Glass Replacement / Sunroof Diagnostic

Have an insurance claim on a broken sunroof glass? The Specialists can do it! We work with most insurance companies to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our team can also perform diagnostics on most sunroof problems. Won’t open or close? Bring it in and let our specialists take a look.